Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The ultimate fan test.

As we all know as per the EPL table standings, if Liverpool beat or draw with Chelsea in Anfield this Sunday, Chelsea will be losing the title to United ( if we win our 2 more outings).

A poll was conducted on RepublikOfMancunia , asking United fans if the roles were reversed and we are in position to beat chelsea and help Liverpool win the 19th title, what would you choose?. Obviously most have voted for United losing and NOT helping Liverpool win the title.

But, my vote was otherwise (not that because I expect the same favor from Liverpool), but for the fact that I am a fan of a club which has played professional football for more than 100 years. Not just literally.

I would be the happiest fan in the world, if we were to upstage an opposition anytime of the year anywhere. Because playing anything below our par, means we are indirectly supporting the concept of fixing matches.For anyone passionately following the game of football, the thought of their players deceiving them on the field is heartbreaking.

Hence for goodness sakes a simple to urge to Liverpooleans to support the home side in a Chelsea thrashing!

Cheers United.

EDIT: A liverpool fan response here.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Favorite EPL Banners.

I will be posting some of my favorite EPL banners both recent and from the past.

At Old Trafford sign depicting another trophy less year for ManCity.

A regular banner at Anfield whenever United went to play their, reminding Liverpool's 18 league titles till date.

In 2009 at Anfield, after United had got their 18th title.

Found in Manchester, after Carlos Tevez was sold to City. The hidden message was to poke fun at United, whose ground is in the outskirts of Manchester and also United have fans all over the world but less from the city itself.
A simple reply to Manchester City's banner above.

EPL 2009/2010 The Season so far!

The final crown has not been crowned yet. Its Chelsea's to win it and its Chelsea's to loose it as well. United have done fairly well this season. Not that United did not deserve to win it, neither do the top 3.

The reason United deserves to win it (and almost every season :) is because of the fact that, everyone write us off for some reason or the other. This time everyone slated us to go down after selling the world's best player Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez. (More on him later). So this season was a reason for United to prove all wrong. One, that United is not an One man team. And its not just players that can win trophies. The fact that, the history of the club, fans, the managers, and even the everyday squad member who believes in winning can make a difference. So am sure winning this season will be as sweet as its been over the past years.

Also, another not so important reason is looking at the opposition. This season its been Chelsea and Arsenal. Arsenal didn't ever look like posing a challenge in the season. Although many may argue that, but every time they looked like a potent force to reckon with, they stumbled, and played mostly like a mid table team. Yes, injuries played important factor too, but so did for other teams like Liverpool and United (Since when did we have our back 4 intact and playing in the season ?).

Chelsea on the other hand did show signs of wanting to be champions. But the mere fact that, their team is loaded with a bunch of mercenaries make you sick watching them win the league. I like their manager Ancelotti, never made a sly remark or comment, unlike the Fat Spanish Waiter(FSW) Rafa Benitez. So, fair play to their new manager who's brought good football to the Stamford Bridge, compared to the boring style pushed in by Jose Morinho. Unlucky for United as 2 results against them were influenced by bad referring.

If not,  I would have posted the title as Season so far the Champions again..

Till the Anfield battle is over. Cheers on Manchester United.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Welcome Post.

A welcome post to begin with. Thank you for visiting the blog, will be updating them as much as possible.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

EPL : Man United Vs Chelsea 3-Apr-2010

ManUtd 1 : 2 Chelsea.

Macheda  : J. Cole, Drogba.

I think there can be no excuse to lose at home. Yes, quite few penalty calls were rejected, but that did not stop our forward to equalise early ? Or for our defence to catch sprinting Drogba before he moved to offside position and score. ?

 A good part of second half, belonged to United, with wave after wave of pressure mounted at Chelsea's half. I was sure it was not going to be long when United will equalise. But sadly that came just after Drogba put chelsea 2 nil up.

Although the league is not over here, its sure advantage Chelsea and Arsenal.

Coming weeks should be exciting as well.

Well for United, they should put behind the defeat and focus on the 2nd leg for Champions League.

Go United.