Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The ultimate fan test.

As we all know as per the EPL table standings, if Liverpool beat or draw with Chelsea in Anfield this Sunday, Chelsea will be losing the title to United ( if we win our 2 more outings).

A poll was conducted on RepublikOfMancunia , asking United fans if the roles were reversed and we are in position to beat chelsea and help Liverpool win the 19th title, what would you choose?. Obviously most have voted for United losing and NOT helping Liverpool win the title.

But, my vote was otherwise (not that because I expect the same favor from Liverpool), but for the fact that I am a fan of a club which has played professional football for more than 100 years. Not just literally.

I would be the happiest fan in the world, if we were to upstage an opposition anytime of the year anywhere. Because playing anything below our par, means we are indirectly supporting the concept of fixing matches.For anyone passionately following the game of football, the thought of their players deceiving them on the field is heartbreaking.

Hence for goodness sakes a simple to urge to Liverpooleans to support the home side in a Chelsea thrashing!

Cheers United.

EDIT: A liverpool fan response here.

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