Monday, May 3, 2010

Match Report : Sunderland 0 Vs Manchester United 1. May 2nd, 2010

Although, the game began with the EPL crown heavily tilted towards stamford bridge, in chelsea's favor, we still needed 3 points. Because we just need to win it. Regardless of the fact that chelsea may or may not slip up against Wigan next weekend, we always have to win our games.(Aahhh Blackburn away!!).

Berbatov was missing it all over the park. And it took a brilliant Nani goal to put the red devils 1 nil up. Although, not a sparkling performance, yet a satisfactory 3 points.

That gerrard pass to drogba to setup the first goal for chelsea against liverpool - was the decider and eventually a gift from the estranged captain who just hates United.! Can't blame liverpool for the loss, they did try hard, and it was really a tough game for them afterall. There were multitudes of emotions playing in their minds. The ouster from Europe, the shit of a season! the 120 agonising minutes midweek, and alas the pricky idea of gifting United a 19th title. Aaahhh too much pressure for club of Liverpool's standard.

Anyways, all too happy that next match at Stamford bridge. Chelsea will not be starting as champions. Both United and Chelsea will have wait for it. Now lets see if Wigan can do the unthinkable again. A double for the season perhaps ??

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