Thursday, May 28, 2009

UCL Final reads Barca 2 : 0 Man United!!

Last night was end of another grand end to the yet another exciting finale. Messi and co. mercilessly kept Manchester united at bay, both on the attack front as well as in defending. It was a glorious end to the season, but the better glory rested with Barca. United had to contend with Carling Cup/World Cup/English league. Not a poor line up of silver wares though!

Right from word go, United pressed the attack button to the fullest, with Ronaldo getting quite few shots on goal. To some, it appeared Ronnie was trying to brush of his nervousness of a big game and sending offward shots towards the goal. During the first 10 minutes, barca were literally struggling for possession as the Red Devils kept the ball all over the field and away from them.

Barca's true class was proven when they struck a golden goal in the 11th minute. Unbelievably it was with their first ever proper touch and first attempt at goal. This was a stunner and as unbelievable it was to players as well as for fans. Because till then, Van Der Sar, was just a mute spectator. As the commentators mentioned, shockingly VDS's first touch of the ball on the night was to pick the ball from back of the net. Eto's penetration of the penalty area was a display of magical wriggling and it produced a cheeky goal. Sigh!!

Following the goal, United literally became nervous and produced some unforced errors. Their body language suggested that. Similar mistakes were visible in Emirates, when United went one up, in the initial minutes of the match in the semifinal against Arsenal. Just like it was then, United could not really come back into the game, barring few threats from Ronnie and Rooney, there was hardly any direct attempt on goal which can be mentioned.

As many believe the battle is won on the midfield, the supply chain of Barca, proved to be superior to United's. This was just not our day I felt. Since me ain't an expert not sure what could have gone wrong at the United end, whether it was team composition or tactics, one can never know. I am 100% convinced this team is a World beater. The lineup is of the envy of most clubs around the world, one just needs to look at United's bench strength to assess the same.

Anyways all said and done. Had to believe what Messi's been saying all the while before the match. They did deserve to win, considering it was their come back year, after a 3 year slump. With Spain being the Euro champs, it was only appropriate Barca had to claim both Spanish and European club glory. Kudos to their effort. I really wished being a neutral to have enjoyed the class game that was on.

But United it is for me. Feel bad for the lads, but they didnot appear like a cakewalk anytime of the game, barca still had to work they way around the wall of Vidic and Rio.

Ok Treble is good and now FA Cup and CL are the towers to be conquered next season.

Cheers Man United!

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