Wednesday, March 31, 2010

UCL 2010, Quarters 1st leg Bayern Munich Vs Man United 30-Mar-2010

And Solskjaer has won it...

These were the iconic words used by the commentators during the 1999 Champions league final at Nou Camp between Man United and Bayern Munich. 11 years on, the two were destined to face off again. This time drawing each other in the quarter final stage.

So, as the saying goes, it was time for a sweet revenge, and Bayern should be getting it too for that unfortunate night at Barcelona. Now did they get their revenge? Yes they did, but not just for the sake of getting one, but for the way they 'out' played United on the night.

United were really lucky to be one up in the opening seconds, thanks to a stupid tackle on Nani. Rooney put in a deflection from the free kick taken from the corner flag. Man United is 1 nil up. Now how should the home team have reacted? Panic ? But alas, it the was the team that scored which seemed to be jittery to keep the ball in play. On Numerous occasions the ball was passed back to the goalie for the players to get a breather. Yes Bayern were hungry for a goal!

Ok, so, many times during the match, I felt United were unfairly having a goal advantage. After loosing ball many times, the result 2-1 is a deserving loss to Man United. Hope the next leg OT is an even contest.

Go United.!

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